What Can Threat Intelligence Solutions Do for Your Company?

What Can Threat Intelligence Solutions Do for Your Company?

The technological world we are living in offers a lot of benefits for organizations. Unfortunately, the technological developments can also cause a lot of damage for your company; it can form a threat for your company.

What Can Threat Intelligence Solutions Do for Your Company

This can cause damage to your company identity, customer trust and eventually also harm your revenue. Nowadays, you could engage with a company that offers threat intelligence solutions; making sure that the dark and deep web are monitored and that potential threats are taken down. But how does such a company operate? Please read below, and you will become wiser! 

Monitoring the Dark Web

Firstly, we would like to elaborate on monitoring the dark web; one of the main aspects a threat intelligence solutions company is focusing on. By monitoring the dark web and the deep web, companies can detect active and planned threats. Besides, they can monitor for breached data and avert future attacks and potential security issues. A company as such can identify executive threats; location-based activities; fraud or counterfeit; threats against the brand; physical incidents; data breaches; weak security points; online extremist groups; phishing scams; digital risks and foreign security threats. A lot of various threats can be detected, so it would be very wise to engage with such a company; it saves you a lot of time since you do not have to detect and investigate threats on your own. 

Monitor for Data Breaches

Besides the threats that can be identified by a company as such, they also monitor for data breaches. Threats like these can be hidden in sources as data breach archives, illegitimate and illegal forums and dark web marketplaces. Thereby, a threat intelligence solutions company will investigate whole groups that might harm your company and they will take action when data gets leaked. Besides, they prevent future attacks. 

Threat Intelligence Sources

Maybe you can imagine; illegal companies that might harm your company do use a lot of different platforms to do so. A threat intelligence solution company is aware of all these sources and operates on all these different platforms. Hereby can be thought of social media platforms; data web markets; web forums (also those that are operated on the dark web); data breaches; data dumps and credit card data. Are you looking for a company that can help you protect your brand? You should definitely get in touch with Onsist; they already have served over 700 companies and are operating for more than 10 years.

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