How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner that is Worth the Money

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner that is Worth the Money

Choosing a new vacuum cleaner can be a tough decision to make, especially if you do not have all the correct information available to make this choice. When choosing a new vacuum, it is important to remember the needs of your house, the purpose for purchasing a new vacuum and the desired capabilities it must have.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner that is Worth the Money

Many reputable brands have become household names within the vacuum cleaner market, granted they can offer some brilliant vacuum models. Nevertheless, it is your duty to equip yourself with enough information to make the right decision on this investment.

The main features of a good vacuum cleaner

When taking your needs into consideration you must be certain that the vacuum you decide to purchase perform correctly. The main four features to consider when purchasing a new vacuum are -whether you require a cordless or corded vacuum, a vacuum that uses a vacuum bag or a bagless vacuum cleaner, whether to purchase an upright or cylinder vacuum and the additional add-ons that are necessary for your home.

Cordless or corded vacuums?

It is a general conception that cordless vacuums are better because they are easier to navigate and tend to be much lighter than corded ones. Cordless vacuums are very light, averaging at around 1.2kgs, whereas a standard, corded vacuum cleaner averages out at about 8kgs. Although the cordless vacuum makes it much easier to navigate and are usually more compact, so easier to store, because of their size they have a smaller dust capacity. Some cordless vacuums have a very limited battery life and they almost always are more expensive when compared to corded vacuums. To learn more about this, you can head up to The WiredShopper.

This argument can be boiled down to your own needs, if you live in a flat or a smaller home it might be better for you to purchase a cordless vacuum on account of its ability to be stored. If your home is larger or you need a deep-cleaning vacuum, it might be a better idea to purchase a corded vacuum.

Vacuum bags or a bagless vacuum?

The wider public have been made to believe that vacuums which operate using bags loose suction when the bag gets filled with dust, however both bagless and bag using vacuums do. Bagged vacuum cleaners actually have larger capacities for collecting dirt than bagless models. Nevertheless, this means that purchasing replacement bags will be an ongoing cost that must be factored in when purchasing a vacuum.

Bagless vacuums cut this expense by giving the user the ability to empty out a special cylinder filled with the hoovers dust. This is not only less expensive, but much more eco-friendly too. The downside of this can be that bagless vacuums do not have the same capacity as bagged alternatives, it can also be a messy job when emptying them. It has been proven that bagless models, even with increased hygienic emptying features, release more dust into the room than bagged models.

Upright or cylinder vacuums cleaners?

Both styles offer a variety of positives and will help you define which type of vacuum you are after very quickly. Upright vacuums are great for those with large floor spaces, especially homes with a lot of carpets. Upright models are better at picking up hair and fluff out of carpets, so this could be a great option for pet owners.

Cylinder vacuums tend to be more compact, better for tackling awkward surfaces. They have a very long, flexible hose and usually a much smaller body which helps when attempting to clean stairs or those hard to reach areas. These models are generally quieter too but can be much harder to clean carpets and attempt to direct them around furniture or walls as they can drag quite far behind you.
Upright vacuums are for homes with a lot of space or pet inhabited homes for sure. However, it is important to consider that these hoovers are louder, less easy to move up and down stairs and it can be hard to reach under low furniture with them. Cylinder vacuums can have less sucking capabilities on a variety of flooring, but they are easy to store, easy to use and you can buy attachments for some models to make them a better fit for your home and its needs.

Vacuum cleaner accessories you must consider

How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner that is Worth the Money

Floor cleaning tools

It is common practise for vacuums to come with some essential floor cleaning tools that aids your cleaning experience across every type of floor in your home. Some classic examples of these are spinning bars that clip on to your hoover and gather up all the dirt lodged into your flooring. These are a great addition; however newer models have these cleaning tools built in now.

Extra tools

Again, these are usually a given when buying a new hoover and can really make a difference in the results.

Mini turbo tool

This is the most common extra, it is great for getting up stubborn dust patches or pet hair.

Up-top tools

These are the very flexible additions which help you to reach the tops of doors or to get at bookshelves, it is important for people that need to get those hard to reach areas.

Mattress tools

These are great when deep cleaning your mattress, they get skin cells or dust particles on your mattress with ease.

Extension tubes

These give you added reach so that you can reach your ceiling, the corners of your house and even to the top of a flight of stairs in some instances.

Variable suction options

This is important when you have a home with lots of different floor types, variable suction options allow you to glide from room to room without missing anything.


Filters prevent fine dust particles and allergens from escaping back into the room when whilst using a vacuum to clean it. Many filters can be washed and re-used, some have self-cleaning filters and others need replacing. It is very important to know how your vacuum needs to be tended to and to stick to a cleaning rota for it.


This review of the main features highlights that sometimes spending more money does not always mean you will get a better result. In fact with vacuums, it really depends on your personal preference and your houses needs.
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